Thai ladies massage Austin, Texas

thai ladies massage Austin, Texas

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Zen Well Spa, oh so different in a good way. Offering Eastern-style massage in a unique way, we center our healing art around the ancient practices found in Thailand and India. Our talented massage therapists provide massage to specifically address relaxation and pain relief in the body as a whole, Texas. We are set in a contemporary communal healing space, where getting a massage with a friend or significant other is easy and promotes positive healing.

All of our services are fully clothed in the spirit of traditional Thai massage so you can come in for a quick fix or change into our comfortable clothes for the full experience. With an a-la-carte menu, you can create your desired spa package or choose from our favorite combinations. Experience our devoted attention to your wellness and relaxation. What brings your spa idea to Austin?

After traveling in Europe for some time she discovered the healing practices of Thai massage. When she came back to her home in Austin the thought of bringing this beneficial practice here was too good to pass up. We have more repeat clients that we can count and business is good! Massage Austin worked for us. What makes your Austin spa so unique?

If we had to put our finger on just one thing it would be the influence that Thai massage has on all of our spa services. Thai massage is in everything we do from the facial massage to our chair massage we include the accupoints and stretching that are uniquely Thai massage.

On top of that what makes us unique thai ladies massage Austin that you are fully clothed during all of our Texas so you can come in for a quick fix or wear our comfortable clothing. It would be embarrassing to get a Thai massage with out clothes ha! Watch our video to see more. We also use little lotions or oils unless requested so you never leave oily. Our spa is an open air healing layout. We call it communal healing, meaning we have curtain between many treatments but for the most you are placed next to another client receiving healing.

Se see why we do this see below. We believe that Thai massage is by far the most efficient and effective way to receive a beneficial massage. When you get a Swedish massage you are unclothed and on a table. Your massage therapist is confined happy ending massage mt pleasant il Athens, Georgia only working the facia and some trigger or energy points.

They also have to use their brute strength to give you any type of pressure. In Thai massage you are on a comfortable floor mat with plenty of room.

Thai massage includes stretching which is key to getting to the source of the issue, Texas. If you are desiring just a relaxing massage, just say the word. Thai massage is thai ladies massage Austin meditative and flowing.

Just lay there like a rag doll and your massage therapist will make sure you are floating Texas the time you leave. We get this question a lot. They believe in communal healing; if you hear someone else having a good healing experience you will too. On top of this they are also trained in-house to our specific massage modalities and have been tested before they hit the floor.

Why yes we thai ladies massage Austin. In fact…this is me typing this very sentence, thai ladies massage Austin. Zen Well is my way of paying it forward.

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Book a Thai Massage. Book a Chair Massage. Book a Prenatal Massage. Book a Facial Massage. How can you find us? How you prefer to be contacted. Check our FAQ page. Does your spa offer anything similar to Swedish massage?

Why the open spa area? In Thailand and other spas that base their practice on Thai massage the open spa experience is typical. How do we keep our massage prices so low?

There is one simple reason why our prices are so low. Who are our massage therapists? All of our therapists have graduated from professional massage therapy school and are licensed by the state of Texas.

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thai ladies massage Austin, Texas