Is there any place in the twin cities for a woman to receive a massage with a happy ending Cary, Nor

Do you have any info on him? Happy New Year, Tim K. All cities have always had problems but for the most part Doesn't any one out there 65 yrs are older have.
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Is there any program that can help He is in a subacute place that I am not happy about I want to bring him home and This is a never ending. Prank Call - Looking For A Happy Ending! ( MASSAGE PARLOR )

Type your message and click Add Comment. It is best to login or register first but you may post as a guest. Enter an optional name and contact email address. She attended East St. Louis Senior High and Upward Bound SIU Edwardsville IL. I remember a man who sold tamales on the corner. We also went to the ice cream place a few blocks away-Velvet Freeze?

We swam at Jones Park, but with the polio scare, that was closed for many summers. My dad owned Hamilton Drug on Bond Avenue in East St. Louis, which he later moved to the foot of Signal Hill. I forgot the address. Dad was always working it seemed but did close the drugstore on Sundays and we ate out every Sunday.

Such wonderful memories of childhood with lots of freedom! My family lived on Washington Place And they I think lived on Ohio I believe. I am African-American my name is Elsie and Gates, Sylvia was Mexican and Teresa was Caucasian. And I think of them often. I wonder where they are and how they are doing. I also had a A good friend name Neverland. Sorry for the incorrect spelling please help if you can thank you Borsis. Was my Grandparents building and we lived behind it.

It was across the street from Rickman Furniture and the NCR building was on the other side of it. Neiders Dairy for ice cream? The Spot Tavern with a cork ball cage? If so who might you be? We believe she was born around Washington Park, and St Louis area. Was American Steel the same company???? He was a general business teacher at Clark, and he was not fired. He quit his job and moved to another state.

Yes, he passed of pancreatic cancer. Born and raised in Washington Park. I believe they went to a Catholic grade school Yvonne Gorton. His parents were Michael James Dwyer and Anna Donahue Dwyer. Anna had a brother named Thomas Donahue there also. This message is for Julia who inquired about a celebration her grandparents attended.

We all dressed up in period attire and had a big ole party downtown on Collinsville Avenue. We lived in the Lansdowne area at that time and my father insisted we travel as they did one hundred years ago. So we walked the whole five message downtown and back too!

Have been looking for Melba and Carol FOREVER. Know that Melba married Benny and Carol married Bill. Are they still in the area. What about Gene, Sandy and Betty. Dennis Rollberg and Billy Redwine got into a pretty good fight, Naturally, Dennis won as always. You can leave condolences at Belleville News Democrat. They had an older brother, Larry, who has since passed. I believe they lived on Olive Street. I would be interested in hearing any news of Steve or anyone else from that area and era.

The friends name was Rudolph Jackson they attended rock Jr high together not sure which years my dad is James stewart gloria rippelmeyer wandless. My uncle thought they were amazing and always stated what good girls they were. I remember there was a railroad track and I went T Morrison grade school. Always wondered what happened to the Millers think that was their name. If your out there hello and thanks for making that summer bearable.

I am trying to look up my grandmothers family history any info would be great thanks Chris. Unknown which grade school he attended. He grew into a fine young man.

His character has had a positive influence on so many lives. My sister and I are gathering information for a story of his life. Thank you if anyone knew him and could share any stories.

His name was Clyde Reynolds. Does anyone know why? He has sinced passed away. There were two sisters JoAnn and Debbie. They had a cousin Joyce. Joyce had a younger brother and older twin sisters. JoAnn and Debbie had a younger sister. Their father was extremelytall and mother a rather large attractive lady. I am Stacy Bollinger. Went to EastSide with Joyce. I believe, but not sure, that she married Robert Whines. I an on facebook if you want to message me.

I am looking for Melba Miller. I believe you were friends with her brother Jean. Clair and buy a bag of fries with extra added salt, then try to get back to school before the bell. My last memories were when my grandparents needed nursing care in their home and I had to go walk the people home with a.

I think it was Hatchers. I love this site. I love reading the comments. It takes me back to a wonderful time in my life. Thanks, Tom Martin Guest. We must be related : Margaret Whitsett. My aunt owned Orphanage Grocery Store. Even though I spent the rest of my growing up years up the hill in Belleville, I never felt welcomed. My memories of East St. Louis, family, friends and hometown pride are forever in my heart. I remember a Willy - who had a few brothers - and his sister I think Elsie.

They had a Lumber Yard and used building supply place. I spent a lot of time there. Anyone know of them? My father is Brian billups sr. Everybody called him Connie. He attended Cahokia high school and played basketball. My grandfather attended mount tabor baptist church in centrevile. I am reaching out to see if any one know my people. My grandfather was Joe Billups Guest. It was owned an ran by Otzi Hartstein. Does anyone remember this and what the name of it was? I was fortunate to play with many of these old bands.

A few of the old clubs from that era were : The Empire Club- Millas Steak House-The Townhouse- The Coalbin Tried to go topless and made the news on T. However, a glass of warm whole milk with No Growth Hormones in the evening can help with getting to bed early.

I noticed your comment yesterday morning, but was running a little late for church and could not comment at the time. An old friend, Larry P Side note: Keep looking. HER NAME WAS HERMA CARR. That also had a playground in my backyard Peabody switching yards. Went there with a brother and sister by the names Norma and Norman. Out their backdoor was the school playground. Another name from that school sticks out, Theadour Thigpen. Names i remember from there : Linda Badledg misspelled ,linda Greenwood, Linda Carson, Polly Flowers, Richard Harris who was double joined in shoulder ,a black boy nickname Peaches and a teacher named Nor the world is calling.

Bbl with more names. We grew up right behind Tomboy grocery store on McCausland so every year when my sister visits we drive to East for is there any place in the twin cities for a woman to receive a massage with a happy ending Cary great memories and noticed they were gone. They hung in there for many steel walls around them. Our family doctor was Dr. I went to Holy Angels catholic church and school. My dad is William McAtee, Assumption H.

My mom is Leah Touchette McAtee, St. My grandparents were Edmund McAtee, is there any place in the twin cities for a woman to receive a massage with a happy ending Cary, Sr. All of the McAtee and Touchette boys went to Assumption H. I believe all of the McAtee and Touchette girls went to St. Grandpa McAtee worked for Aluminum Ore Company and then Columbia Motor Service Co. Grandpa Touchette ran the Touchette Brothers Grocery Store on Bond Av. He then worked for the State of Illinois.

Dad says that several men volunteers would put together food baskets while drinking beer and cocktails. Later in his life he started an arm of the St. Vincent DePaul Society in Mascoutah, IL with my grandmother.

My dad describes the Nightmare Burger as a two-patty burger with melted cheese, chili, onions, etc. I remember the liquor store had a small selection of candy and grandma would give me and my brother some change to spend there.

Price was murdered when checking on the burglar alarm at the liquor store. I remember swimming in the Jones Park pool and at night going to look at the beautiful lighted fountain. This was a fantastic park at the time. Also, I remember going to Grand Marais State Park. Robert Hall Clothing Store and Shop City. And I remember seeing Bambi and The Nutty Professor movies at the drive-in theater in French Village.

When people ask where I was born I never hesitate to tell them East Saint Louis. We were the first of our family to move out of ESL, is there any place in the twin cities for a woman to receive a massage with a happy ending Cary. The rest of the family moved out shortly after to towns such as Collinsville, is there any place in the twin cities for a woman to receive a massage with a happy ending Cary, Belleville, Smithton, Highland, Mascoutah and St.

Donna Hoover my name is Susan Smith. I went to Parkside school held in two separate houses at the end of a dead end street. I remember the flood and people being helped out by boat when the Harding Ditch overflowed.

I had a very bad reputation but I was a pretty good girl in reality. My email is gigisquirrel for anyone who is interested. My dad was born in East St. Does anyone know what that was, and how I could find information about it? ESTL Eastside Yolanda Frye. She lived in the East St.

He was never arrested and eventually committed suicide. Hester was my maternal grandmother. I was told she was buried at a funeral home in east St. Louis but the funeral home burned down. If anyone has any information, PLEASE contact me. Yes, I did go to Morrison. It was a dead end street and he lived in the last house on the left. I was over there a lot.

Between State Street and Summit Ave. That name does ring a bell. You can reach via: Indianspell Bob Murray.

Saw your name and wanted to say Hi, Retired now for two years. Glad we left Granite City Steel when we did. If anyone knows of her whereabouts I would really appreciate the In formation. Thanks in advance Janice Pfeiffer castiller.

He had an aunt that lived in the apartment complex close by. The apartment is now torn down. He wore white shirts and hair slicked back. May have been cuban or italian. Name may have been Jim. Family and friends are mostly gone. I believe one was Riedels and they had the back door open. That were my questions. Was it Riedels and Dizy Deans?. Miss the old neighboorhood. Good schools and good teachers Ms. Cameron and Ms Brinkman. Got involved with students and their lives.

As it should be. Also a East St. There were so many girls that I was in class with and we went to the same elementary then junior high and ended up at high school. Then there are some that was at the juior high and high and then a few I met while in high school. Then Sharon Goosby who used to seat in front of me in the art room and talk but I was the one who got call on. Looking for anyone who was in any grade with me. I left many years ago and still have memories around those years.

I got in touch with my cousin Shirley, I was so glad to talk to her again. Thanks for letting me write my two cents on your blog? Clair Avenue in E. That was a winner!!! Great townat the time, outside of a graft-ridden government.

Had a small but good stock of airplane models -Megow and Comet. I hope they had restfull senior years. Her sisters were Judy and Joyce. His brother Eddie still lives in Ill. His sister Roseanne is in anyone know Rosemary Way, Leonard Null, Ronnie Seevers, Eileen, who married Leonard.

They grew up in Fairmont and Washington park. You can send me an email to Linda E. We lived in E, is there any place in the twin cities for a woman to receive a massage with a happy ending Cary. Mom and Dad bought the house new when they had their first child. After growing out of the house, my dad built one in a new subdivision, on Highwood Dr. Loved my childhood in E.

Lots of kids to play with, and tons of fun and fights, LOL. Ellsworths, Van Hooses, Blacks, Mays, Basses, and many other families. My dear neighborhood friend, Debbie Ellsworth-I never saw her again, and missed her terribly-although I did see her brother, Harold, from time to time, when he came to hang out with my brothers.

Albert the Great, because the new house was being built and that was going to be our new parish. My best friend was Darleen Debny. Philips is still in existence today, as Sister Thea Bowman school. In fact, this is how I got here to this site, this time, through the search engine, looking to see if St. We used to go from our house to the little market on Marybelle, finding bottles to cash in for candy and other goodies. The house was torn down and there is a mobile home there, now.

Many times, I have driven throught the neighborhood for old times sake. Not too difficult of a life there considering what some folks have had to deal with in their lives.

All the stronger for it though. It would be a shame if it was dissolved but I can certainly understand if all postings nered to be read before being sent. THANKS FOR TAKING SO MANY OF US DOWN MEMORY LANE. Sunday will be church services, whereabouts will be announced at a later date.

Joan Chapman Smith Vicki. Wore white t shirts and hair brushed to back. Family may have lived in Pruitt Igoe homes. Store near cass and Mullanpy st. Often wondered about him. Wig just well the last time we communicated. I had homeroom with Mr. She sure put the fear of God in ME! If I happened to see her in the hall, I would walk way around her. Does anyone know where I can acquire another? Are they still around? I knew Ace Hart, Bob Muckenstern, and big Sydney Smith. Had some good times!

I like your pictures! They bring back memories. Email me if you like. We went to Art Mowes Empire Club, Billy Joes on State St and The Blue Note. I knew Ace Hart and Bob Muckenstern. Also big Sidney Smith. Are any of those clubs still in business? Feel free to email me.

Did you go to Morrison? Did you know a Judy Small? I currently live in the Belleville area. Nor went to the Morning Star Baptist Church. We had the baddest church choir around. Do anyone remember the radio broadcast ever Sunday evening. Every Sunday evening we had to go to church to the broadcast. I thank God for my mom making us go to church. I wish more parents raise their children the way our parents raised us. I believe it would be a lot less crime.

Proud to be from East Boogie Guest. Pop was Willie and worked for the railroad Mona fried the best chicken and cornbread ever. She was a stay at home mom and voluntereed at St. Larry Lanky and Daryl The Big Dog. Those boys were strong as ox and gentle as a lamb. They protected my mother and myself and took care of all of our repairs. Mona kept plenty of grub on our table as well. They kept our family afloat for many a year and I know if they are no longer with us the pearly gate will never squuek because those boys are on top of it.

Mona would not hear of a growling tummy and Willie would supply the funding. May you all find peace where ever your perfect selves call home. Love, THE SAUNDERS Donna Hoover. Looking for friends Debbie Denman, Judy Jones, Anita? I remember Parkside school, the year streets flooded, being pulled around neighborhood on sled pulled by cars.

Who was among the group. Lived with my grandmother on Kansas. My grandfather was an employee of a furniture store in the downtown area. My mother grew up in the area of Kansas Ave. Her name was Tamara Brown. She married LeRoy Jones and divorced shortly after I was born. The conversation was all sbout the Good Old Days.

Does anyone know where the company moved? They were Juanita, Loretta, Willie, LeRoy, Ralph and Charlie. They lived with their Grandma. They called her Granny. Never knew her last name Tim Keniley. He was living in Arizona. He was a vet, was in the Army after graduation.

Hope he is doing well. Take care, Tim Gloria Elkins Troutt. GLORIA ELKINS TROUTT - TULAROSA NEW MEXICO Roselia Marquez Belman-Claro. Went to Hawthorne,Clark and E-Side.

One day he was there and the next day we were told he no longer was teacing. I remember a blond gal next door named Jackie and Kathy and baby sue, Stevie in neighborhood we use to play with.

We are in an upswing that not many communities get to Sewer system, Solar power, developing the largest port in the nation and many new housing developments ongoing. Oh and did I mention that while many municipalities in Illinois are in are debt free.

I approve this message for those disillusioned enough to believe that we live in a hellhole. He used to play with the Playboys at the Alpha Club in Cahokia around the same time I played there with the Cobras. Going to try to get him down for a visit. I do remember most of those guy and Polly sang with us for a while. Thanks fir sharing those great memories. Jewel and Lynn were friends. People are asking a lot of no one can answer your question unless you give them your email address or phone number.

May have been Gershons or Lameirs market??? HE had an aunt that lived in the apartment complex not far from market and close to cass ave. He was called Big Jim or Honest Jim. Played with Charlie Cintalon. Lived on Alexander Place.

Playing ball in the gym and hanging out at Jones park. Hope you are well. I went yo Hawthornw, Landsdown and Lincoln. Louis was athriving community then, I can remember the entire neighborhood sweeping streets after mowing and taking the limbs that had fallen and making a fire for hot dogs and marshmellows.

We would play kick the can and hide-n-seek. No big screen TV;s and texting. We all had a bike that may not be the best; but we got around. Never owned Reebox or Nixes.

We are close even though all live in different states. Try being thankful for what you have and sharing meals together; I sincerely believed itis what worked for us. There wew so mnay more students that was excellent; decent persons and someone out there has to know something about one or more. What about Donnie Eddie, Donna Nichols, Judy Corvals, Margaret Davis; Robert Gill, Michawl Briley, Gwen Cooper, Shron Blaylock, Larry Club.

Faye Black, Frnces Dr[pron, Linda Barbeau, Vicki Edsall, Joyce Campanella, Ruth Ann Bateman, is there any place in the twin cities for a woman to receive a massage with a happy ending Cary, June Fields, Connie Kimball, Please if anyone knows where any of the following peoples are let us know. Charlies wife Linda passed away a few years ago and Mickey did also, Nor. I have not seen Charlie for many years but hope he is doing well.

I miss them both so much. Charlie was known by all the athletes of his era. Are we so busy or just to darn old to give a d-m. If you have pictures of ESTL back in the good old days maybe you can see that they are shown when the site is opened. As it is now it looks like a war zone. I was born in East St Louis! I live in Az now. Does anyone remember me? I was very poor! Does anyone remember bill Nicholson? Sue Ann Tyler Keck. I walked to Hawthorne grade school, the brand new Lansdowne Jr.

Does anyone remember "tthe Hawthorne Shop" that sold candy and school supplies? It was run by two older sisters. Walked to Jones Park to swim in the "sand bottomed" swimming pool, played tennis, and ice skated on the frozen boating lake. Friday evening we walked to the then Waverly Theater, where we paid ten cents for a ticket. I would love to hear from anyon from those days.

Some classmates, Winifred Parker, Jimmy Helms, Harriet Kilene, we played in the school orchestra. Mercedes Valdez, Phil Rowe, last heard of in Oregan, long ago, Betty Jean Kennedy, Maryan Shephard died some years ago. I would love to hear from,anyone still around from this time. Now living in California.

Please email me at thecosseyfamily if you have any information. Son of Shirley J. I went to Harding Elementary, Clark Jr, Nor. High and Lincoln High School. It is so sad to see ALL of the many buildings emptied.

I have wanted to return to visit, but most of the friends I knew, would probably never recognize or remember me. We are all that is left of our family. I just hope that GOD allow his grace to dwell inside ESL!!!

Louis still feels like "home" still. Louis i use to walk everywhere i went to cannadey elem. How about : Billy Clark- Darrell Johnson- Allen Mann- Dave Wallack- Jimmy Clark- Johnny Oath-Polly Flowers-Gary Hall-Jim Thompson-Ramey Baker-Fuzzy Walker-Stix Maxwell- to name a few. Those were great times, take care GK Tim Keniley.

I hope your nice and warm down there on the Gulf. It gets so cold up here that they close the schools. Do you have any info on him? Happy New Year, Tim K.

I remember a lot of places that people have mentioned. I remember Double Cola plant, Parsons field Turkey day games ,Jones Park pool ,bakery W. I went to Manners,Landsdown and East Side. There is a lot of people that have some negative thoughts about our city. I had so much fun growing up in ESL. I remember growing up there was so many fruit trees in the city, going to swimming in Jones park fishing for crawdads walking back to the Rosevelt eating on cherry trees, peach trees plum much fun.

Louis and Belleville regularly for several years. I did find our band in the archives and think the pix was our first. I currently live in North Carolina, and I am trying to get additional information on my grandfather"Ned Love.

I understand that the club burnt down, but just wanted to know if anyone had any information, that they can share with me, please write me.

All the members of the Montclairs singing group were in my high school graduating Class. Lead singer Phil Perry was my best friend. I am A Doctor living in Arizona now. I remember many of the places that are mentioned here. My Father was an East St. People knew him as "Smitty". But the Politicians didnt care about the city and let it go down. It will take MANY BILLIONS of Dollars to get East St. Louis to look any better than it is now. And I seriously doubt if the State of Illinois or the federal Govt.

So all we can do is cherish the fond memories that we had when we lived there. Boy, he was a cutie!!! It would be nice to find some old friends on the sight. I came across it accidentally. To the poster who asked about Elmo Bush-being his student in Government class at Rock Jr. High profoundly affected my adult life. Bush for a teacher. I think he had dropped out of school before he died. We lived in several parts of town from St.

Clair Farms to National City, to Lansdowne. When I attended East St. My happy ending spa services Gainesville, Florida was a firefighter at the stockyards. I was a member of Eta Phi Zeta sorority, and was in the A track at East Side. My home is in Waller County, near Magnolia, TX.

My grandfather CJ Nealy used to play Minnesota fats in gin. Would like to know anything more you remember about Scovills.

My father was Joe and mom was Helen. Brandywine wants to know. Anyone out there remember?? The Herde at Lollies. Louis Hop with Russ Carter- And Frankie Avalon.

Graceland sitting on the front porch. Anyone doing the nightclub scene back then should remember Brandywine or the Herde, even The God Squad.

LOOK UP : The Metro St. Loved the hot beef sandwich. Went to grade school at St. I loved ESL, a lot of good memories with friends and family. A wonderful city it was! Would love to see the city come back alive! I have read many of the responses here thus I would like to contact others. I have a positive memory of E. I am a graduate of Martin Van Lucas and Clarke Jr. I was good friends with Alvin "Bert" Jones, Kevin "fat daddy" Ramsey, Pat "J" Bynum Pickle SisterKendall"Lil Dog" Bush, Byron"Coop" Cooper, Anita Harrington, Edward Lofton Chickenis there any place in the twin cities for a woman to receive a massage with a happy ending Cary, Rado Perry, Bridgette Williams and Johnny Ramsey to name a few.

I grew up mainly on Post Place. When I was growing up E. Louis was a decent city to live in, is there any place in the twin cities for a woman to receive a massage with a happy ending Cary.

All cities have always had problems but for the most part most of us got along very well. Sports played a important part of our lives but it was a big part of friendships for us as well. I would love to hear from anyone out there who knows me and would like to converse. I currently live in University Place Washington and I go home to Louis every so often as my family still lives there. Have you run into her lately? My longtime friend and the drummer and singer for The Cobras, Tom Wiginton Wigg sent me a message that there was a nice message on this chat board about me.

I just read and remembered the event. Thanks a million for the kind words old friend. I think that he lived across the ally from the school and it was rumored that he would chase and pummel anyone who called him by that name. Just wondering what ever happened to that mythical figure. I ended up in the same homeroom as you, John Bowers, Larry Beaver, Pauletta Clark, Georgia Cockran and the homeroom teacher, Mr.

Nemacheck spelling is wrong. I went to Holy Angles grade school with his daughter Norma Jean. Anyway, I remember Teentown in Washington Park, and you playing the guitar in the Cobra band while Polly Flowers sang for the first time that night.

I really looked up to you back then and still have good memories about you today. Nobody had ever stood Nor for me before or since my first day in a public school. However, I guess we went our separate ways at East Side but I never forgot that first day of school at Landsdown.

You are a good guy Don and i hope God blesses you and yours. We worked the cafeteria together and use to hang out in the girls room to smoke or at the Bowling Ally along side of the school. Life was real good back then and I miss some of the fun I had back then. He was a great guy. You can post them on this site or contact me via email at tpcrotzer Thanks.

Then was a laundromat. Used to stop there after school at Clark and use the coke machine. As an adult have been all over the world and seem much of its best.

But like Jackie Joyner Kersey once said" I always took East St Louis with me". Louis when growing up in Southern Ill.

We regularly shopped at Sears and attended my first movie in downtown. My father worked most of his life in the area and for a long while as a crane operator at Key Company and they moved to Alabama and my family stayed in Ill. My dad regularly marched in the Labor Day parade that ended at Jones Park which was very nice. If still on this site, was your mother Peggy May? So in one pot you could one,two, or even three recipes. Jones park,and pool loisel villiageshopping centersears, jupiter, custers last stand, the shop city bowling alley, Bill Weaver.

A few mothers would make a batch each then at school mix them together. The best ones were at A W. Lived on Trendley Ave, Bond Ave. Went to Franklin grade sch. Longfellow, Jack Eggman, Karl Kaprillian, now living in the Dallas area last I heard Rock and the East Side Judy Barnhart, Exell living in Hurst TX now.

Worked at Sears and walked to and from work at all hours. Went to the First Baptist Church on State Street. Was active at the Kelsey and Mary Biggerstaff. Loved the Sunken Gardens, beautiful Majestic theater whose organ is now in the lobby balcony at the Fox Theatre.

What an elegant city to grow up in and yes the fried chicken at the Stoplight and happened to those recipes? So Nor great memories. I always claim East St Louis as my hometown even tho I was born in southern Illinois.

Really grew up in ESL. Contact: americandaydreams.infoss Harry Haney. I worked for Bob and Mrs. I sure could use a pizza burger right now. And I went to school with the older a daughter, at Lansdowne Jr High and East Side. It was a great time in my life. Today not so much. My name is Harry Wayne Haney. Frank taught Music and Ruby own a lounge. I used to clean chalk board erasers with your dad. I would about give anything for that sloppy joe recipe been looking for ;months.

Any help would be appreciated. Lived on Lincoln Ave by North Park Dr. Louis will always be home, however, it is not the same town that I grew up in, is there any place in the twin cities for a woman to receive a massage with a happy ending Cary. I still love me some East St. What a great city OT was during those days. Sad to say, it is no longer a place to go.

His name was Garvin Pabst but was best known as Woody. A saying that comes from a brother who wrote a book about growing up there said the trick was that ESTL will show you a lot of what not to become. My grandfather Robert fields ran kings way drive inn. They were from east Does anyone remember them. His wife was Julia and they had two girls, Pam and carol. They had great chicken!

We ate it at least once a week. We were the Behrens Family. I went to Grant School for six years before we moved. They are the ones across from the elks club building Joe Turner. Does anyone remember this or know its name or where it was Charles Lee Hoskins. Mr Nickaless was the band teacher. My name is Charles Lee Hoskins, you were the only child in your family.

You had A uncle Scotty, who was short. I was your boy friend you lived on Broadway, with your mother and father. As a very small child you were fat. Your mother showed me one of your little dresses. I had a apartment on Delmar in Saint Louis, my family lived in East Saint Louis, by Parsons Field. I think we had a baby. Your mother and father took you away from me.

I have never stopped looking for you. Please turn on the lights and find me. I miss you so much. I am from the E. My sister went ot Holy Rosary and then we went to Canteen grade school. I remember on the rare occasion to eat at Nightspot. Is there anyway you could make a section to post old recipes from our favorite eating spots? I enjoy this site. The bakery on Caseyville Ave. Most of us had nothing to do with the demise of ESL, but have everything to do with making it our fondest memories ever.

ESL was scorn with racism, but the real issue was that there was nothing to keep the roots, no development or innovated businesses. We could live and breathe the night air right in our own back yards, our kids could be safe on the streets and it was about people enjoying their lives and not stressed by their jobs. We lived a life our kids and grand kids will never know or experience, this is what is sad.

I remember Virginia place being gated. I wish we can all get together and have a urban renewal project. All those Historical homes are being destroyed. Its not too late to bring it back. I sure was a beautiful place downtown was awesome better then St Louis to shop back in the day.

I still go to E st louis but nothing really reminds me of the i still have my memories forever. Would love to see the different restaurants of those times!!! My maiden name was Carol Gustafson. Went to Lansdowne Jr High and Eastside. Just looking for any old friends who may come to this sight like: Clarence Way, Gary Stacy or Eugene Ryder. My house has been long gone now. I went to Longfellow school and loved every minute of it Especially Mrs.

Then after we got them, I wanted my old desk back. The new ones did not open up and books went under the chair. I remember old friends and playmates.

Her Mom made the best brownies ever And Peggy Brooks. Neighbors were Janet LeTempt and Mary and Helen Haas. Tommy and Johnny Durham lived across the street. Tommys Mom watched me sometimes before school cause my Mom worked at the packing house. I remember seeing big red yellow and blue fish at Jones Park. And I remember that my Mom bought me my first bike from Dorothy Shea.

Her Dad painted it green and white for me. It was used but I thought it was the best bike ever. I often wonder about all these great people that were a part of my life and hope that they are all doing fine. I would not change my childhood for a million dollars.

But we still have the memories and can still smile about the fun we had there. God bless and Take care Sherry from College Avenue. What the HE- is wrong with of us were poor. The kids slept on the cold floor in the kitchen and the porch in the summer.

You said we are still in the same situation now. How do you know what ourlives are now. You probably moved up a little Nor or apparently stuck in you poor white trash past. Do you believe you are the only one that wanted more for their children. Here are the positions held by my friends from the worst of worst neighborhoods. Nurse, pathologist, teachers, architectural, priest, computer geek, butcher, a CEO of Bank of America, a CPA, several retired early and are traveling the world.

You would have a better life if you would stop living in the past. Maybe you need to talk to a theripist; by the way one of us is a great theripist at Missouri Baptist. You can be rich and be trash if you mind set is to get even with someone you feel did you wrong. God sakes they were KIDS. May God Bless You and Give You The Ability to Forgive.

His name always comes up when people share stories of how they have had a fear of the dentist from when they were a child and treated by him. East ST louisan trash no more. I remember how many of you used to make fun of me because of the way I dressed and how we lived. Today I look back and thank you all for what you did to give me the desire and gumption to become a success in life.

Looking at you now I laugh at the reality you are still the same old East St Louis trash that you always were save a few dollars more than my mother had. From what I gather you are all more or less in the same old situation you grew up in. Thankfully I was able to provide a much better life for my children than you all did Guest.

I remember later, after we moved away and I was a bit older, we shopped at Sears and other downtown E. I always thought that East Saint Louis was something special. I looked up the address on Google street view and think it might now be the Carpet King store or maybe the empty lot just west of it.

Joe work at the Fairmont Race Track at the time. My Dad, now passed away, and our family never knew why this happened. I would like to find some one who might be able to shed some light on it regardless of what it might reveal.

Any possible lead would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at zepplin Went to Woodrow Wilson from there. And on Eiler Rd, in Villa Hills, in Belleville.

I am on Face Book. I am slowing trying to read all the comments, very daunting to say the least as I believe they are all important. I myself grew up in st louis and frequented esl back in the wasnt that great but the people were really nice there. I met someone I really loved there but unfortunately is no longer alive. After that, we moved to Granite City because my father chattanooga massage happy ending Ontario, California a Burger King there.

Anyone remember me or my family? He played guitar in my band "THE ROAD RUNNERS" and sev. I sure would like to know where he is also. He was always a chubby and funny guy, Great hair. Never played much lead, bud great at knowing all the chords. I think is was near Stolle it the Brass Rail or Blue something??

Had some the best cherry cokes. Park in the sixties. His house was south of Forest Blvd. I was in his homeroom class. Do I know you? Lived all over East St. I like your pictures, would like to see more.

They were both on that side of State. So glad you answered me. This age has made me forget alot of things! But I do remember alot of fun times with our group from ESL. Tell him I said hi!

I saw her today, and she pulled out her yearbook. Said the blacks tended to come from more affluent areas aroun Alta Sita. Funeral Home next to Clark I believe was Baldus.

How many in the first graduating class? My sister Nancy and I went to Jefferson school where it was divided boys from girls. We would all play outiside. East sure has changed since then! What about the funeral home next door to Clark Jr. I see your name all over this blog. I know we know some of the same people. It was probably a mix premade andready to go. WHATEVER THEY WERE GOOD Tony Houston.

Steve married Barnetta but they divorced a few years later. Dennie Ridgway lives in Belleville, his brother Earl is married to my sister Gloria. What was the name of the bakery right next to it? And we use to walk to this little store that made sandwiches. What was the name? He had a sister name Pat who was a police officer in East St Louis.

Was told she passed away in a tragic shooting. Please help me find this family. If u have any info share. He was a custodian at SIU when it was located in East St.

Louis before the Edwardsville campus was built. He was also a graduate of SIU back I the sixties. Let Jackie know how to contact him. He was a student at SIU when it was located in East St. Let Jackie know how to reach him. Are you related to Steve Houston?

If so, do you remember Barnetts Barr? She was my best friend and we run up and down Bunkum road. Did you know Denny Ridgeway and his brother? Where are all these good people that I remember?

Morrison only had hot lunch once a week but they were the best sloppy joes. CLOSE to the Anderson soda company. Looking to get in touch with Bill Blocker. Don"t know if you will get this hope you do.

Would sure be great to have one more! What have these people been doing to my town?! There is plenty of equipment up in Morton Illinois. Maybe CAT can loan the us the heavy movers to do the job!

Then maybe we could farm the soil like they are trying to do in the other cesspool called Detroit! Reinigers helped me with my St. I remember it was next to what I think was a old school. Does anyone know if the group home is still standing or have pics when it was? I went to elementary, Junior high and part of High school with a Sonya. I believe her last name was Wilson and that she had a sister named Iris.

All of East Saint Louis, Ill. Searching for these people because they are very special to me. I knew both your parents rather well. You were actually long gone from ESL when you went to Indiana. I helped move your Mom and siblings to Cahokia.

How is your Mom, do you keep in touch with her? Dsyarber old guest. We were served and never asked for ID;s. Played dice at Harlem Club in Brooklyn, open all night with great music.

Played poker and shot pool in basement of Stockyards Inn, Scovills Bar. He changed his name to Minnesota Fats after the movie The Hustler came out, then he went by double smart Fats, he was best pool hustler of all time. I played poker with him several times, we would hit these joints every Friday and Sat and stay all night.

I lost track of them too, years ago. First, to answer ur question on the building extensions. The other extension on the otherside was used as a homeless shelter at one time. I do know that to be a fact.

I believe the new church to this church is in Centreville IL. Last time I knew, it was still known as Bethlehem Baptist when the church was relocated to Centreville IL. This was the plan though, the new school was built around the old one and it was to be the new Jefferson School.

However, after the old school was torn down and the name Jefferson was etched at the entrance of the new school, they decided to call it Mandela.

Just in case ur wondering, yes it was named after Nelson Mandela. Also, Mandela Jefferson is still in its original location that you remember while u were a student there at that time.

Do you still keep up with Gene Miller, David Day, Mike Barringer and Barry Rednar. A neighbor sold them a school bus he had bought and kept up and another neighbor gave them a washer and dryer. They had to have two houses furnished and I believe the Salvation Army and Goodwill stepped in nd helped.

Red Cross turned them away because the father refused to work. We all were so poor but did not have a clue. If we got to turn on the hose and spray ourselves a few minutes we were so happy and did not expect more. Hope this finds you well. Is Rev Bill Fox still in the area. What about Sunday school teacher Edna Burns. Forty three years later it is the best move we ever made.

The church made you feel so welcomed nd loved and Mes. Burns was a true angel for the children. She was so kind and gentle. Dan Simpson Sandy Miller. I have heard that Melba is no longer with us. I am very sorry for your loss. It must have really been hard for you mom since she had already lost Chad. Mothers should never have to bury their children. Carol and Bill are divorced. I also hate to hear that. Carol was such a good person. Betty, Gene and yourself I did not know well. I was older and friends with Melba.

I never thought Melba and Benny would divorce because they were both crazy over their little girl. Your mom was a good woman and one of the mothers who did not get out and associate with other neighbors. If you do not want to respond I will respect it. I did love Melba and we doubled with Melba and Benny. I was married to Mike Thatcher. Have many pictures of the four of us. God Bless You and May He Keep You and Yours Safe. Tell her George says hello when ever you do get ahold of her GK George K.

I used to play at the Hudson roller rink sometimes after the skating, anyone remember the "ROAD RUNNERS" beep beep!!!! Jefferson was torn down and a new school built. The schools integrated that fall. Bill Nunes printed a series of books about E. There is one picture of Grand Marias and two of Jones Park.

A trivia calendar by him had one of Argonne Drive in Jones Park. One book is "The Good Things of East St. I think there was one about the gangsters. She is the only one overseeing the Cemetery at this time.

She has a second job and will get to you as soon as she can. I was given the number by Kurrus Funeral Home when I had a complaint on the grass grwing knee level. I talked to Mike and June and they said Morrison School was an Arts and Cultrual. Was that your ides? How did it come about?? Can anyone come in and check it I have seen some of your beautiful photography.

You are quite the world like you have done well. You shouls be very proud of yourself. Take Care and God Bless. Thinking we might be related some how. My Grandfather Charles A Druse was the Police chief then. My Grandma was Louise Druse. Louis when it was a beautiful place to live. The ones posted look like a war zone. My mother died of childbirth and dad left for Chicago for work.

Gladys Goings; Helen Spelling and Betty Newman We never saw my father again. We were told that he passed away three years after leaving for Chicago.

He was supposedly buried at Mt Hope but the doors are closed and it has been taken over by whoever. How can I find out if he is buried there since the doors are locked and there is nophone. If anyone knows Nor Mt Hope is closed and in such horrible condition please let me know. Did it go over smoothly are was there any problems?

My aunt was telling me about it but she is up in age and gets confussed at times. The lawyer was Billy Jones. Luke pastored a Holiness church called Love Joy COGIC. The second year I lived there he moved from next door. Not the most scenic place to live. Anyone send me a shout to salinascpa Guest.

I have seen comments from Sandy Miller, Tony Houston and David May and others from the block. I know someone out there knows where they are. Could you please help me? Melba was married to Benny and Carol to a Barringer. Anyone that can help me I would greatly appreciate it. She had a sister named grandmother was Irene washington.

Any info on her, please post Guest. I know that he joined the marines after High School. Also looking for information about his sister-in -law Margaret Clark.

Any information would be appreciated Guest. I know he joined the marines after High School. She also went to ESL George Kelly. The first "TOPLESS" CLUB back then. It made the news alot.

I played there in the band "BRANDYWINE" with Steve and Darrell. Please give Eddie my is there any place in the twin cities for a woman to receive a massage with a happy ending Cary at : mellowdeelane I would like to get in touch with his brother Dennis. My sister lost hers many years ago, and we would like to try and get her a replacement.

Does anyone remember who made the rings back then??? It is now abandoned and decayed. I noticed there was another building on each side of it. One looked to be maybe a gymnasium and the other is a large addition, maybe two or three stories tall. I can tell this must have been a beautiful church at one time. Would love to hear more about it, and what that large addition was for.

What was it like before it became another unfortunate ruin. I was born and raised in East St. Louis, but was rarely in the Lansdowne or Washington Park area. I attended Edgemont Elementary, Clark Jr. My grandfather was the much beloved elevator operator for years in the Spivy Building.

I remember buying ice cream sandwiches at Kreskis with mom and grandma on shopping trips. I loved ESL and had good memories. LaChen, Monica Moore, Ms. Greatrix, even old Ms. I would love to have some pics from the good days! Thank you for these pics. I see him often. He looks the same. One of her old students attended the funeral.

It was very touching. He grew the beard and wore the derby. Also, anyone know how to go about obtaining a year book? Anyone remember Dennis and Eddie rollberg- Donald White- Bill Kubic- Danny Stout?? How about musicians : Darrell Johnson- Jim Thompson- Alan Mann-??

I remember they both had very long, straight black hair like Cher. Yeah, I remember some of the guys you hung out with. Kevin Koesterer was a character, huh? I think Bobby Kirchoff, Daryl Geiger, and Gary Foutch were also in your class, right? The house was torn down and now there is only a happy feet massage nyc Plano, Texas lot. As another post stated, we were poor but did not know it!

We had so much fun! Some of the great memories I have are of the "woods" at Griffin Homes. There were so many pathways and secret hangouts there. Teams could be rounded up at a moments notice for playing softball or hide and seek, or slip n slides in the grass.

There were a few times when the field near the Homes flooded and the kids would wade and swim or boat across our temporary lake. I too liked Jones Park and the fountains and walking to Creamies. I also remember the confectionary across the street from Lansdowne because I first tasted Black Walnut ice cream there. It was also the site or close-by of a famous fight between the "Knockout" and some unknown person.

I knew Sally McC. The teachers I recall were Mrs. Snyder artMr. Morris mathMr. Jackson civics and cheersMr. Quate who married a classmateand Mr.

My sisters were Robin and April and they knew Larry M and Bluford F. I have enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Best Wishes to All! Does anyone know his where abouts? Please let me know. Thanks so much Jayson for the memories. GOD BLESS YOU Guest. Then we all moved and lost contact. Can anybody let me know if you know where she You Guest.

Lost track of her sister. I remember being at that party. One of many beer soaked nights. I used to hang out with Charlie Smith, Kevin Koesterer, Doug Cook, Dale Quante. Walter Smith is on Facebook along with a bunch of Eside folks. You have a good memory to remember specifics that long ago. Hope you are doing well. I was om my way to Casino Queen and had no money with me. I was going by the bsnk on the way or use the cash machine at the Queen. He followed me to the back where the darn system was down.

He had me follow him to the station where he filled my tank. The service station did not take my credit card. He gave me his address and said send it to him by Friday because he would be running on the lower side by then. We both came out a little ahead and made a new friendship over a few White Castles.

THERE ARE ANGELS AMONG US. Went to Webster, Hawthorne, Clark And ESTL High. Went to college in Carbondal and married and traveled the world as a military wife. I hated every minute of it. I wanted to go home and not just to visit. The neighbors watched out for me and three children. They said I was crazy for moving back to a place that use to be instead of a place of reality.

My son was beaten severly on a BiState bus and was left blind. My neighbors convinces this white mother of three to move someone safer for us.

They rented a u-Haul and I moved to Staunton. The people were snobby and clicky. Never knowing what it was to live in a poor neighborhood with good god loving people. I am now in a wheelchair and frequesnt Casino Queen. My oldest son moved to FL. Just Nor at Casino Queen I lost my wallet and some honest person turned it in. The lady had just walked away and I saw who she was.

She would not take a reward. By the way her skin was dark in color. When I started to carry my tray of food to the table and elderly black man carried it for me. After losing all my money which I always do I went out to find a flat tire.

Two young black men changed my tire and when I told them I had lost all my money in the Casino and could not pay them they just massage ceres happy ending Waco, Texas. Told me they helped someone out of a ditch and carried grocerys out for two older ladies ans was late for doing some landscaping work on Lake Drive for an older couple.

These young men explained that they are going to bring East St Louis back. They will need our help. Please do what you can for someone in East St. Those people need to know that there are people out there that know they are honest, goodhearted people who fell do to our economy and rotten politicians.

By the Nor I am looking for a place near Signal Hill and I will never leave again. Love my hometown and people. Lets make it crime free and beautiful like it was and call it home. A little while later, as we were conversing, you leaned in and said to her.

But she was a small, thin brunette, and liked to wear hats. Funny, and a little flamboyant. Hung around with Dennis Butler, Bob Anderson, Gary Foutch, Twinks Wally SmithGary Foutch, Kenny Lanman, Mike Mark Monk. I hope you found a nice career in P. He lived in ESL until a crime took him to prison. He has a brother named Ronald who lives in ESL. Vincent an english teacher from Rock Jr. High in the fiftys? I hope life has been kind to Mifflin Guest. You had a great brother and I remember having a crush on him when I was a little girl.

Much much younger than him. I remember Melba and Benny and Carol and Betty. My name is Betty Hart and my grandparents lived across the street from you. Please tell me how you are all doing, is there any place in the twin cities for a woman to receive a massage with a happy ending Cary. Is Carol and Bill living in the area? What about Betty and yourself. My husband took me to see if grannys house was still there and ofcourse it was not.

There were trees growing in the middle of the street and houses burned to the ground. It is where Custards Last Stand was. I am doing great. He is from Belleville and we met at Nor Ralston Purina.

I,m rattling off as I think of things. Did you graduate from East Side. Please reply and GOD BLESS Avery Hendricks. Those of us who are educated bring your investment dollars back to the city smartly know what i mean collectively togather to make a change. I love my city and have and will continue to rep and support it.

I think its a shame to deny where you are from. She went to ESTL High and married a son of one of the male teachers. Would love to talk to her and see how her life has went. Great hamburgers and chili. I remember Marty and Dennis Tessmer.

Sister Philip coached our football team. I think we were the only CIO football team in East St. Louis with a woman as coach. She was ahead of her time. I remember how her face would turn red when she would get mad at someone. She wuld pinch your earlobe between her fingernails if she was angry with you. What is your given name. You would have to remember the following children. Mike Turner, Scott Patrick, Larry Clib, Mile Briley, LeRoy Spalaz, Donna Nichols.

Frances Deproew, Connie Kimball,Diane Sabo, Gwen Cooper, Sharon Blaylock, Patty Bradbury, JoAnn Campanella, Nancy Macksudian and many many more, is there any place in the twin cities for a woman to receive a massage with a happy ending Cary. Sloppy joes on Wednesday. What a great time to be a kid. It would be great to go back in time if even for one day. Hope the world has been good to you. GOD BLESS YOU Sandra Miller. I heard he moved to Saint Louis, MO vandriver.

We grew up in East St Louis when is was great. First two years of high school in Collinsville. I certainly remember Pick Dehner. Nice to see an older folks posting., Nor.

We should do something BIG because we are old as dirt. The Fountains in Fairview is nice. A weekend in Vegas; a three day cruise. Have a ball before our kids put our old butts in a nursing home and tour the world with our inheritance. Hopefully most of us are retired and done raising our grandchildren, What to you say GO BIG - GO FLYERS Guest. Does anyone know the where abouts of Michael Creasy. Years ago I read in the Collinsville Herald that he was Father of the Year.

What a wonderful honor. I knew he and June Fields would get married and have a family. I lived next door to Michael for a short time. Also a neighbor of Susan Daniels. Susan come out come out wherever you are Kathy Ridgway. In the summer you had to be home when the whistle blew. Live in Colorado now. Hi to all my old WP friends. Anyone remember Bruce Guyton who lived on Goose Hill? Thank You Gerald Mueller. The pharmacy had the best rock candy. What about their cousins the Kimbrels or Millers.

Also searching for Robert Weaver, Jean Miller, Mike Berringer Barry Rednar. It seems like everyone from the old neighbor fell of the face of the earth. Remember being on bikes all day. Playing on the tracks, softball in the street. How dam poor weare ans never knew it. Robert Weaver always asked her for pickles. I beleive they were a little bigger than White Castles. The old neighbor hood is gone. Thr people living in those houses had no children unless they were grown.

Never saw much life down on the rich part of thr block. Thr working peopoe I should say. If your out there and not all in jail let someone know your among the living. Roberts, Taylors, Hurseys, Carnihans,what a great place to grow up. Well here are about twenty people in your class room. Michael Briley, John Bakay, LeRoy Spalaza. Larry Clubb, LeRoy Spalzaz, Martin Daily, Diane Sabo, Connie Kimball Gwen Cooper, Patty Bradburry, Sharon Blaylock, Fay Black, Donna Nichols.

Nancy Macksudean, Joyce Campanella. Teachers were Newman, Stack, Lipe, Cameron and Brinkman. You are at Bob and Jerrys and squared danced in the girls playroom. Principal was Mr Rawlings. Hot lunch on Wed. Best ever teachers; very old but very very good. They really knew how to get through to the kids. They could spank our butts is why we all turned out so well.

Then yougot a butwhippin when you got home. After the second flooding of Wedgewood, dad got a promotion and transfer to South Carolina. I remember being a small boy in East Saint Louis was a great time and place to be a small boy. Playing baseball for both the Scouts and the Corey League, in the summer - staying outside until dark and never having to worry about the issues whichseem to plague us today. When dad got transferred to St. Louis, I followed them and when I went to East Saint Louis to see my boyhood best friend, I was utterly shocked to see how far the city had fallen into the pits of depravity.

Had the local politicians actually given a damn about what was happening to the city, perhaps things might have been different. Collinsville Ave was sure alive and well. Great old the cleanest but lots of industry. Most worked that wanted to. Remember the Majestic and Avenue theaters and the midnite shows on Halloween at the Majestic.

How about Threadneedle shoes? Louis Browns had a "Knothole" Club for all school kids that wanted a card. Games were free but bleacher seats only. Jones Park on Sunday about activity! Baseball galore and people all over the place. Picked up soda bottles for a penny apiece. Went to grade school near Sunken Gardens, Rock and East Side. Some might remember Pick Dehner coach and Wirt Downing, another varsity coach.

Saturday nite americandaydreams.infod wrestling from Marigold Gardens with Jack Brickhouse and Vince Lloyd. Of course sponsored by Stag Beer. Good times and a good place to grow up. Someone told me a post on this blog asked about me! Loved growing up in East St. Wonderful memories americandaydreams.infong at Jones Park pool, sock hops, The Brothers, Hannigans, Parsons Field, Collinsville Avenue, Hudsons and on and on!

I drive through and it is very, very sad! Look at Washington Park today, same thing. Read that Art Mowe was convicted and sent to prison were he died, Nor. One less parasite for the taxpayers to feed. What kind of a decent human being would involve his daughter in that kind of business aka: C-Mowes? I remember all the things you mentioned. See like I remember the killer burger from prices Mares. Loved them dripping with chili and cheese.

Don Druse Gulf Coast Constance. I grew up in Brooklyn. T Team, was started by a guy name Chuckie. He was first a DJ at Rock Jr. The class president name Cheryl Shannon, told him to play the records he had, since he was the only one to bring some to school for the dance. She had asked every one to bring some music. But Charles Lee Hoskins aka Chuckie by family and friends was the only one that came through.

The boys gym was bigger than the girls gym. But the boys gym had the good floor for playing B Ball. The top of the line shoe was Converse All Star Chuck Taylor. We had to take off our shoes for the dance. That is known as a sock hop, by the kidds back then. And he placed them apart. One on the right and the other on the left. Thanks to Cheryl S. Chuck knew then he was going to be a Disc Jockey. He got the name Fastbuck Rockin Chuck, from his mother.

Chuck, was also a member of the Hi Phi High social club were Rod King was the DJ Tooshy. Chuck rock house parties like Larry Gills, Clubs like Colemans Plaza, Blue Swan, Regial Room, East Side High School, Mary E Brown Center, Leasly Bates Neighborhood House, Skate King in East St.

Louis Teachers Union Hall. Joseph High School, Jones Park, SIU Edwardsvill, a host of places in Saint Louis, Missouri. When I bought a old box truck. Boo Dawg, Suger, Albert Duckie, Vamp Dawg, Lisa, Lynn, Kay, The Godfather,and a few other painted it black and yellow with house paint there on the stations lot were Chuck was working as the attendant. Chuck, meaning me changed a lot of lives. But I do know it was fun Good Old East Saint Louis, I Love that place : Carolyn June.

Jackson or his family? I went by the nickname JJ. He lived on Bond Avenue, but the home has been torn down. I think he moved to Saint Louis, MO. The house on Bond Avenue is no longer there. King Avenue for a couple of years. I believe he now lives in Saint Louis, MO. Carl Moore, Marty Tessmer and next door was Ronnie Butch Morris. I remember that he had a sister named Phyllis she was thin looked like a model. We were allowed on the world series to watch it on tv.

We Played soft ball Sister Phillip was the coach she was a tomboy. I have a sister Kathy Robinson now Reeves. I loved growing up in E ST LOUIS ILL. I had a friend named Nancy Hudzik, she kived on Exchange ave. I miss my childhood there. Halloween it was so safe. Memories are flooding in makes me so sad. Does anyone remember Jonses park?

Had a lot of good friends. It was good reading some of this stuff. Went to Hawthorne and Lansdowne. We were poor but never knew it!