Female happy ending massage getting started Topeka, Kansas

female happy ending massage getting started Topeka, Kansas

The Kansas City Star newspaper in Kansas A University of Kansas investigation found that a men’s basketball player likely hit a female student multiple.
Google 's first female a massage room, assorted video games Google changed its company name to Topeka in honor of Topeka, Kansas.
How Chinese Massage Parlor Happy Endings Work. you may opt for the 30 minute massage if the happy ending is all I always take a female companion to the.

Female happy ending massage getting started Topeka, Kansas - gets

LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO TALK WITH. I plan to add some info in the future, but as always I have to balance risk and reward. Now you can have all the capabilities of customized software, without the cost. Cheaters cheat because they can. Chaudhary Group association of LG. After I blew a load; she did not ask me to leave.

I will be blogging my feelings and experiences here. From legitimate massage to erotic sensual massage. So I have decided to stop providing sensual massage earlier than planned. After some not so pleasant experiences in November that made me stop and think I realized that I could not continue. I spent plenty of days not working due to me avoiding taking calls, which meant I was just barely getting by anyway so I am returning to doing what I feel comfortable doing.

All my new ads no longer include sensual massage, although, I am getting less calls I feel fine with that, female happy ending massage getting started Topeka. I have seen one client so far, he was respectful of the fact that nothing extra is available. Then he said he has a request; he wanted to know if while he was on the table I would tell him how big and well-endowed he is?

I told him I am not providing a happy ending massage for anyone and if he read my ad it is a regular massage otherwise I would be charging a lot more. I am glad to not have to put on any pretense with these types of guys anymore. I only want to do things that are in alignment with my future plans and erotic massage is not it. Links to this post. Lon had called me over several months trying to get an appt. I agreed to see him in about an hour.

I am wearing some baggy silky shorts with a lacy top, Kansas, he says I look nice as I lead him into the massage area. As he gets on the table he says he is really going to enjoy this. I come back in the room and start lightly running my hands down his back and his starts lightly rubbing my thigh, he is saying that it feels really good.

Soon I move to his side and out of his reach as I start to massage his buttocks. He seems to be really getting into it and all too soon he decides that he is going to turn over. He reaches out and starts rubbing my stomach through my top as I start lightly running my hands down his chest.

As I lean over, he asks "can I touch your nipple? I reach for his penis and start lightly stroking it with one hand, it is semi limp but each touch brings it more to life.

He moans and again starts asking to touch my nipples and this time he adds, "it will help me come" and I am thinking, "dude, I am holding your penis in my hand and I am certain that you will come just fine without seeing my nipples. And I thought men are visual :.

Hall Of Shame Deux. For Kansas reason when he called again I did not check my log to see that he had called before, female happy ending massage getting started Topeka.

He wanted to come in for a massage asap. I should have just cancelled the appt then. He claimed to have some trouble with his thigh area so he Kansas some time spent on that area. He was groaning and making grinding motions.

He kept asking me to do more work on that area, Kansas. I finally asked exactly what was wrong with the area. He said he had been hurt in an accident and had been seeing a Chiropractor until the insurance stopped paying. He said the Chiro had done "crossfiber", applying female happy ending massage getting started Topeka friction to the muscle and asked if I could do that as well.

The location he wanted the work on was very difficult to "crossfiber. He wanted his inner thigh massaged and then asked if I could massage his abs. While I was massaging his abs he started moving the cover further down and I saw him looking at my face, I guess he was trying to gauge my reaction.

I kept massaging his abs and his hands started going toward his genital area and I heard him say "could you. I felt so digusted and angry because I had really believed he had a therapeutic need for a massage. I called a friend so when he came out of the room I could just show him out. He came out and found me standing by the front door. I just opened the door so he could leave without me saying a Kansas. I felt violated in a way and needed a shower to wash away the disgust I was feeling.

That guy really had me confused. Or he is someone who enjoys pain and learned some terminology so he could sound like he had a legitimate reason for asking for some uncomfortable work to be done on him. I decided then that I would start collecting payment upfront, and I would no longer go over the time the client was paying for and I went and got pepper spray later that day, just in case.

This guy called a day after I put an ad on craigslist for therapeutic massage, there was a picture of me on the massage table, I was completely dressed, female happy ending massage getting started Topeka.

I pulled the ad after the call, I am done with craigslist. Is that really you in the picture? HE CALLS RIGHT BACK. I received a call from this guy one evening after I placed a new ad on backpage.

I received this call last week from a backpage ad. I have mostly been posting on backpage but I am planning to move away from that as happy ending massage for man sex Abilene, Texas. Wanted to see what you charge and where you are located?

I get this question all the time and I really need to stop answering this by phone. Do you still want that appt.? I hate the overly friendly guys, they usually take that familiarity act too far in person as well. Another caller from backpage. Can I touch you also? My ads state that I do not answer blocked or restricted numbers. He called several times from a restricted number and I kept rejecting the calls. Eventually it went to voicemail and he left a message begging me to pick up because he was calling from his work phone.

The phony therapeutic client: These are the types of clients that a legitimate massage therapist does not want yet they are usually the targets of these guys, female happy ending massage getting started Topeka. I had a female happy ending massage getting started Topeka of these when I was doing only therapeutic work and their behavior makes every other client suspect.

They know just enough medical terminology to confuse you into thinking they have a legitimate problem area. He said he had problems with his right thigh, specifically the Sartorius, a muscle that goes from the front of the hip and crosses the thigh diagonally.

The majority of that time was spent massaging his lower ab area and the pain seem to move a lot, usually lower and it was not an easy task trying to keep him covered as I tried to massage away his phantom pain. During one of his earlier sessions with me once he reached out and touched my back and I told him not to do that, I only do therapeutic work.

He knew there would be no way for me to work on that area without somehow brushing against it or I would have to physically move it out of the way so I worked around it but I could see he was enjoying the friction from the sheet rubbing against him as I worked. One day when he scheduled a session I had a surprise for him and I treated him to a heat pack treatment on his hips and thigh and barely used my hands, female happy ending massage getting started Topeka.

That got rid of him. Soon afterwards I stopped doing massage. After my break from doing massage, I placed an ad on craigslist, knowing that I would very likely be getting the same types of people again.

On the second day of my ad he called for an appt. We started the cycle over again and one day we were talking about sensual massage and I said I had been thinking about it but not sure I was comfortable yet with the idea. He started trying to rub my breast and asking if he could massage me and telling me that he is very good and I have known him for such a long time and should trust him by now. At this point he is sitting up and holding on to my wrist pretty tightly and asking to massage me so I agree to let him massage my back.

He is telling me how good he is at doing massage but I refuse to let him touch anywhere else, female happy ending massage getting started Topeka. As he was leaving he grabbed me and started kissing me, I kept my mouth closed and can smell that he had onions with lunch and I just looked at him until he finally stopped.

I told him he needed to find someone else to massage him, female happy ending massage getting started Topeka. This was BEFORE I even started doing sensual massage. Too Close For My Comfort. I think to be successful as an erotic masseur one has to be able to easily switch off their emotions, be good at acting, be desperate for money or really enjoy "meeting" different people.

I now know without a doubt that providing sensual massage is not for me, just about every client I see puts me on edge because so many of them think that because they are getting a hand job it automatically gives them the right to be all over me. If the guys would behave themselves I think I might be ok with doing the hand jobs but I am not ok with a bunch of strangers attempting to grab my breast or pull my top off or trying to insert their fingers into me, unlike these men, I do not want strangers touching me intimately.

Jerks will be jerks no matter what but I can eliminate some of them by making some changes when I return to doing therapeutic work. Unless you have a need to be disrespected by men who think they can do whatever they want to you because you agreed to give them a hand job. I will be sharing some behaviors by clients in a hall of shame post. Sensual massage for women. An interesting thing has been occurring, in the last week and a half I have received calls from two different men who were looking to book massages for their girlfriends.

They start out asking if I massage women and I say yes I offer a Swedish massage, the first guy said "oh, ok" and got off the phone. I am neither a lesbian nor bisexual but massaging women might be less trouble than massaging men, if only I was willing to find out but I am not, oh well.

Shaving chest and genital hair. I have been noticing more and more clients are shaving their chest and genital area and I even had a guy who also shaved his legs. I can understand removing hair from the back and even trimming overgrown genital hair down a bit. Maybe they like the neat look but it just seems weird to me to have a hairless man on my table. Curiosity just might lead me to ask one of these guys why one day.

Teeny Weeny Grabby Naturist swedish massage Huntington Beach, California. I got a call from this guy who saw my ad and wanted a massage. This guy with big shoulders showed up and took him to my massage area, collected payment and left him to get undressed.

When I returned he was lying on his stomach, as most good clients should, I saw that he did have big shoulders but from the waist down he was pretty tiny. As I massaged his back he reached out and rubbed my thigh and this continued for a while but I was not bothered because he was within my comfort zone. I usually spend some time teasing the balls and I have easier access to do this by kneeling on the floor near my table.

Big mistake, he took it as a sign I guess, he started grabbing and squeezing hard and I had to tell him that that was not allowed. I got up and went around to start working on his front and his hands were rubbing all over my underwear. At this point I saw that he was also tiny down there and I start working to get the teeny weeny to get up but his hands were going everything and How to give erotic massage with happy ending Rancho Cucamonga, California kept moving away but he would grab somewhere else.

He hands got past the perimeters of my underwear a couple of times before I moved away. I was getting upset at this point and just wanted to get it done so he could leave but there was no erection although he seemed quite excited. It got to the point where I physically removed his hand from my underwear and asked if he had read my ad because I am not an escort and what he was doing was getting in the way of me giving him what he paid for. I usually go overtime a few extra minutes before I finish a massage but I stopped a few minutes early with him.

He did not get a happy ending, I guess it was more important to him to touch someone, even if it was unwanted. After he was dressed and ready to leave he looked ridiculously meek, ugh!

This is the type of client I really dislike because they disregard boundaries and are cheapskates. I cancelled the discounted ad after he left. I did a search of my phone number and found a couple of my ads on a site I never advertised on. The page was littered with naked women and I was overdressed. Apparently the site takes ads from craigslist and backpage and adds a line that implies that the person in the picture can be found on some other site and offers other services, I did not click on the link to the other site I saw enough crap on massagetr ll to get what they are about both sites are probably owned by the same person or they are affiliated.

They have the nerve to stamp the bottom of my stolen pictures with their name and even though I contacted them to remove it, the ads are still up. I think I have figured out a way to prevent future ads from been stolen though. I had one guy who sounded quite nervous and very young call me to make an appt.

Spoke to another guy who asked what kind of massage I do and I asked if he read my ad, he said yes but wanted to know if I end the massage with a handjob or blowjob. I said handjob and ended the call. My ad would take less than I minute to read and it gives important info but these men call and ask questions that are already answered in the ad and it just gets annoying. I am barely ok with ending my massages with a handjob so a blowjob is not an option I would consider doing to a stranger.

The happy ending massage craigslist Rochester, Minnesota I have learned in the last few months have showed me how naive I have been in the past but now that I am here I have to keep reminding myself that doing this type of work cannot and will not be a longterm thing for me.

The younger guys are too busy attempting to see how much they can get away with to worry about size. I set a new deadline for myself. I think in a way I feel like I sold my soul to the devil and I need to have something to show for it, therefore, I will continue for now, female happy ending massage getting started Topeka. I have to get past that and start making this work for me so that I will be in a different place financially by my deadline. I expected at some point that something like this would happen.

My ad is not disguised in any way and the way I look makes me stand out like a sore thumb. Even before this incident today, I have spent the last couple of days wondering if I really want to continue doing sensual massage. I think that my deciding to do sensual massage was my way of trying to gain some control over a situation that I felt powerless in and now I worry that if I attempt to go the route Kansas therapeutic massage again I would just end up frustrated once again.

I think offering this service has helped me become less judgmental about other people, prior to this experience I thought women who provided happy endings were a disgrace to the massage community and now that I have walked in those shoes I see how it could happen.

So I made the conscious decision to go this route and now just a few months later I am questioning whether that decision was the right one for me. Cheaters cheat because they can. I found happyendingz the blog by CJ an erotic masseuse a couple of months back while searching the topic online, before I actually made the final decision to start female happy ending massage getting started Topeka this service and I have really enjoyed reading it. Before I decided to do hand jobs the married men who came to me and were expecting a happy ending were the most upsetting clients for me because they just reinforced to me that men could not be trusted.

Due to some past issues I have been reluctant to let anyone into my life because I could not trust people. When I get an obviously married man on my table who is looking for extras it used female happy ending massage getting started Topeka piss me off to no end.

Since I started doing hand jobs I realize that I have to be detached from this work or I could get easily overwhelmed. I am starting to look at relationships and even life differently, people do things for all kinds of reasons that I may never understand. If I get to a place in the future where a relationship is possible for me, mentally I know I am not there now and absolutely not while I am still giving hand jobs to men, it would have to be someone I trust completely and if that trust gets betrayed he would be out the door.

I do think that married men getting hand jobs from women other than their wives are cheating but at the end of the day the masseuse does not force anyone to pick up the phone and make an appointment. I feel the problem is between the couple and any woman who finds out that her man has been getting hand jobs needs to place the blame where it belong, on the cheating man since he is the one who is supposed to be committed to her and made the choice to step outside that commitment, female happy ending massage getting started Topeka.

It sucks but sometimes life throws lemons at you and you can either learn to love lemonade or quit. Please stay away from my sshole!

When I massage the perineum area the men seem to reaaalllllly like it and I have read that some men find it very enjoyable. I have gloves and lube but no prostate to massage. This kind of brings me to my topic, men and their fascination with buttholes.

I have no interest in getting anything anywhere near my butthole but some men I have dated in the past seemed to want to attempt to stick their finger in there and for me that is a one way street.

I allow some touching within limit and inside the Kansas is off limits. He is now on my "avoid" list. Where have all female happy ending massage getting started Topeka old men gone? I just realized that I am not getting any new older clients coming for massage.

I miss the older men; they are usually better behaved, for the most part. The one older guy still getting a message from me is the one who was my happy endings guinea pig.

I told him I liked him because he was not pushy and I think he was looking for things to go further between us and I have certainly let him get closer to me over the last months than anyone else but he is still a client and I have to keep within my boundaries and comfort zone. I always used a drape but was never one to avoid massaging the glutes and thighs and he would say that I was teasing because I would not do a happy ending.

He was very generous with tips but also seemed to want to exert some control. Once, female happy ending massage getting started Topeka, after a session he asked about making another appt.

He called and left a message, asking after that time but I did not get back to him. He showed up anyway and stood outside knocking for a while before finally leaving. During his next appt. He always seemed to want to linger around after his massage when I really wanted him to leave. I think it got to a point where he was calling just to be annoying because I was not taking his calls. I think he called from another phone pretending to be someone else and made an appt. I know he has been going to massage parlors for years so he could easily have moved on to the next girl who would be willing to take his money and make him happy.

For whatever reason he seemed to think that he could force me to see him again and that will never happen because he gives me the creeps! What is it with some guys trying to bargain down the rate of a sensual massage, I mean seriously? I understand the economy is not that great but a sensual massage is not a necessity and if you are so hard up for cash that you need to haggle the cost then perhaps your priorities need to be reexamined.

The smell was tolerable and besides, he only wanted a half hour massage. I usually ask the guys to turn over so I can work on their front and they eagerly do so. This guy got on all fours instead and stuck his butt out and I am female happy ending massage getting started Topeka, "this is different" but I go with it and he is getting very excited and then yells "stop, stop! That was an odd session. This time, the smell is apparent before I even get close to him and I do think it is a combination of BO and unwashed arse.

I am using fingertips only and keeping my distance from him and mentally noting that I will not be taking any more calls from him. I am still barely touching him and I guess I was moving too slow for him so he grabs his junk and gives it a couple of swift tugs and he gave himself a happy ending and says "thanks, that was good.

After he leaves, I make a mental note that I will include having good hygiene in my new ads and I am seriously considering wearing gloves from now on. Some guys might enjoy it. Why I decided to offer erotic massage. If someone had told me six months ago that I would be providing erotic massage services to men I would have laughed because I never saw myself as "that type" I was more the type that was disgusted at the masseuse who provides that type of services and the customers who go to them.

I did my first sensual massage hand job towards the end of June after some thought. I think people who know me personally would be very surprised if they knew that I crossed that line because I have always been very vocal about my dislike for the customers who seek happy endings. After massage school I was pretty unprepared to deal with clients that I encountered when I first started advertising on craigslist.

I learned the hard way that just about everyone who responds to an ad from there is looking for "extras" even when, or especially when the ad states that you only do therapeutic massage, I think they see it as a challenge. After about five months of this I was so angry that I took about a year off from doing massage and I started back last year to basically find the same types of men.

I always wore pants and a top when doing a massage and I had offers to be paid more if I disrobed or did extras and I always declined. As the summer started business was slow and I had an older gentleman who came to me for a massage for the first time and he raved about what a great massage I gave no happy ending. I think I had started to reconsider my stance on sensual massage at that point and I told myself that it would not be the end of the world if I did cross that line.

Also doing therapeutic massage was not bringing in a lot of clients and money was always a problem. That gentleman returned and this time I ended the massage with the best hand job I knew how and he was pleasantly surprised. In September I started advertising that I was providing sensual full body massages and the response have been quite good.

I am trying to be more selective of who I accept now. When I feel I need a break I do not see clients for a week or two. I do not do massage in the nude, I now wear a sheer or crop top with some panty. Some men do get grabby and have I sometimes allowed a hand to wander up and down my legs only but most of the time I female happy ending massage getting started Topeka out of their reach. I have been offered more money to go topless and have declined. As of right now I feel ok with this and I am trying to have a plan in place so that I will not be in this situation in a year because this is not something I see myself doing on a long-term basis.

The men are obviously getting something out of it and I am going to make sure that I get myself in a better financial position in the coming months so that I do not feel a need to continue this unless I want to. Legitimate massge to erotic sensual massage, why I made the leap, female happy ending massage getting started Topeka.

I started out doing massage with no interest in erotic massage but now find myself providing this service for the men who come to see me. Kansas am sharing my experiences and feelings here. View my complete profile.

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Female happy ending massage getting started Topeka, Kansas - Sex Tube

Create a book Download as PDF Printable version. He did, however, later on that day say something along the lines of "you prefer going to the NBA game than the amusement park, right? What makes you gag?? Are you allergic to any food? Its future success depends on it. And I thought men are visual :.