Taoist sensual massage Hollywood, Florida

taoist sensual massage Hollywood, Florida

Join me in my Sensual Red Room. As human beings, we are free, sexual, eccentric. My vision is a world where we embrace and celebrate our sensuality.
Massage Therapy Stuart Florida. Deep Tissue Relaxing Therapeutic Massage. A Tao Chi Massage session begins with you resting for 25 minutes on a mat of jade.
Taoist Genital & Abdominal Detox Massage Bet that got your attention! I'd never heard of therapeutic genital massage before.

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In order to have healthy, functioning genitals we need adequate blood flow. Signup to receive news and special promotions directly in your email. It is located near the rectum and can be reached via the anus. Helpful for those suffering from impotency, painful intercourse and low sexual libido. I still have a tingle in my body. taoist sensual massage Hollywood, Florida

I have bookmarked your blog, Florida, the articles are way better than other similar blogs. Musings of a Massage Therapist. Evidence based Registered Massage Therapy. Bet that got your attention! My Mother had sent me a link about "Chi Nei Tsang" abdominal detox massage that is offered at a place called Tao Garden. She thought it would be something interesting for me what is a happy ending massage for a woman Cary, North Carolina try while I was in Chiang Mai.

When I looked into it further I discovered that they also offered the genital version dublin massage happy ending Savannah, Georgia this treatment, which is called "Karsai Nei Tsang" and not only do they have these both on their treatment menu, they are the world headquarters for teaching this unique form of therapy, Florida.

Both are signature treatments at Tao Garden and world renowned. So I figured it was time to take a deep breath and give it a try before I left! What is the purpose of these treatments you might be asking? Florida Nei Tsang Abdominal Detox Treatment. Chi Nei Tsang treatment image from Tao Gardens website. Based on the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine and the principle that the navel is the energetic and life centre of our body, Chi Nei Tsang literally means "working the energy of the internal organs".

It was Florida a millennia ago in the mountain ranges of Taoist China and originally used by monks to help detoxify, strengthen and refine their bodies and to keep up the high energy required to perform the highest levels of spiritual practice. This type of massage works softly and deeply into the abdomen, affecting pretty much every system in the body as well as addressing unprocessed emotions that are thought to remain stagnant in our abdomen in the same way as toxins.

There are many benefits to receiving this form of therapy including:. CNT facilitates the unfolding of emotions and the makes it possible for us to evolve and grow, Florida, moving past deep emotional traumas.

Karsai Nei Tsang Genital Detox Therapy. Karsai Nei Tsang Treatment image Tao Gardens website. Similar to CNT, Karsai Nei Tsang addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual, while focusing primarily but not entirely on the genital organs. Not to be confused, this is not a "sexual" massage - it is for the health of the sexual organs, glands and hormones and is performed in a professional and therapeutic manner.

KNT aims to rid the body of blockages in the genital area, especially those that take the form of sedimentation in the veins. In order to have healthy, functioning genitals we need adequate blood flow. This therapy uses a sensitive touch with deep, direct pressure and circular movements to dissolve the sedimentation in the circulatory system, release toxicity in the organs and assist taoist sensual massage Hollywood receiver in getting rid of any emotional blockages held in that area.

The many benefits to receiving this form of therapy:. Also beneficial for those suffering from frequent or painful urination, difficulty maintaining or sustaining an erection and painful menstuation, Florida. KNT improves hormonal balance, stimulating sexual and brain functioning. Helpful for those Florida from impotency, Florida, painful intercourse and low sexual libido. It is also thought to increase powerful sexual energy throughout the body sexual chi.

KNT creates a safe place for the receiver to let go of deep emotional traumas and move past them. I was, even though I was more then a little apprehensive about trying these two forms of massage. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised. It is also where our cord is connected from Mother to baby where we receive all of our nutrients from within the womb.

Why do we avoid this area so often? Because its not as usual? Because we are not comfortable with this taoist sensual massage Hollywood of our body? Because it is too sensitive? In Thailand abdominal massage is much more common, many treatments START with the abdomen as it is thought to be the centre of our body, energetically and otherwise. WARNING: If you feel uncomfortable reading about my personal experience, stop reading NOW feel free to skim through the text to look at the pictures of Tao Gardens below.

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Chinese New Year Festival. Second week of school. First week of school. Swansea Massage Clinic Inc. Chi Nei Tsang treatment image from Tao Gardens website Karsai Nei Tsang Treatment image Tao Gardens website, Florida.